Knowledge is power…and it’s also essential to serving your clients’ needs. To become an expert in your field and a consistent producer, you’re going to need training – ongoing, targeted, relevant training. As a Berwick Insurance agent, you receive access to extensive Sales, Marketing & Compliance education from industry professionals. It’s the competitive advantage you need to succeed!

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Training Available

Berwick Insurance agents have access to over 30 recorded webinars on our Agent Portal. Below is a snapshot of available trainings and new subjects are added each month. To give you a sneak peek, we’ve provided you access to a few of our most popular trainings.

Recommended Training for New Agents
  • Medicare 101 - a deep dive into Medicare and how it works
  • Prepping for the Sale - an overview on how to gather the pertinent info you need to recommend a Medicare plan
  • Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement - an explanation of the differences between the two type of plans
  • Medicare Supplement Plan Differences - a guide to understanding Medicare Supplements
  • Understanding Prescription Drug Plans - a synopsis on PDP's
Marketing Training
  • Marketing - Make it Compelling, Keep it Compliant
  • Build Your Brand
  • Building Medical Relationships
  • Building Your Business With Referrals
  • Client Retention Strategies
  • Creating Personal Promo Piece
  • Follow-Up Plan
  • Guerilla Marketing - Defined
  • Guerilla Marketing Ideas
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Marketing Medicare Made Easy
  • Marketing to Boomer Consumers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SWOT Analysis
Sales Training
  • 2020 AEP Prep
  • Increase Income With Ancillary Plans
  • Maximize Efforts in Low Income Areas
  • New Carriers in 2019
  • Enrollment Methods - Tips for Completing Applications
  • Scope of Appointment
  • Prep for the Sale - Needs Analysis
  • Medicare Sales System
  • Quoting Tool
Compliance Training
  • Agent Created Materials
  • How to Avoid Rapid Disenrolls
  • How to Avoid Unqualified Sales
  • New Agent Compliance Training
  • Compliant Websites
  • How to Avoid Complaints
  • Understanding Permission to Contact
  • Protecting PHI/PII
  • Most Common Application Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Medicare Opportunity Recorded Trainings

Recruitment Ruses

Recruitment Ruses (15 min.)
Unfortunately, there are agencies who will do just about anything to get you to contract with them. Check out some of these ploys.

Insert Make a Million in Medicare

Make a Million in Medicare (15 min.)
Learn how easy it is to Make Millions selling Medicare plans.

Insert Maximize Your Medicare Business

Maximize Your Medicare Business (25 min.)
Check out the reasons this industry needs more ethical agents & how Berwick Insurance can help you maximize your business!

When you work with Berwick Insurance, you have a dedicated partner committed to helping you grow your business, your way. You receive top commissions, unlimited access to leading technology, expert training and unparalleled support.