Establishing Medicare Marketing Goals for the New Year

Medicare clients have different needs & wants, and so do the independent insurance agents who service them. Some agents use insurance sales as a source of supplemental income while other agents are committed to Medicare sales as a full-time profession. Understandably, goals vary widely depending on each agent’s situation. With that said, just about every agent can benefit from establishing attainable goals and answering certain questions that can help create a roadmap for success in 2022.

Write Down Achievable Goals. There’s more research than you’ll ever want to read on the importance of setting goals. The bottom line is you’re more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down and look at them every day. One method for defining your goals is to start with an end monetary figure (it could be $10k or $100k – it’s your target figure), then calculate how many plans (both new and renewals) you’ll have to sell to reach this figure. You can then divide the total number of plans by 50 (or the number of weeks you plan to work for the year) to determine how many plans you need to sell each week in order to reach your income objective.

Define Your Target Market. Most agents know those turning 65 present the most lucrative potential because these new sales provide the highest commissions. With year-round eligibility for over 10k seniors turning 65 every day, this target market makes sense to most agents. We also encourage agents to explore different opportunities within their respective communities. DUALS (those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid) and LIS (Low Income Subsidy) individuals present excellent yearlong opportunity. Selling Medicare Supplement Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans and cross-selling other products such as life insurance can also expand your book of business. The main point here is to consider early and often specifically who you are targeting and (next) how you plan to reach them.

Determine Your Marketing Tactics. Defining your target audience is a great first step to selecting the methods for how you reach them, but your personal selling approach also greatly influences the marketing tactics you use. Do you prefer to work remotely as much as possible? Direct mail, digital outreach and advertising in local venues can be great marketing avenues. Looking to conduct and promote more virtual events? Over 50% of people 65+ are on Facebook and advertising on the platform has proven cost-effective for many agents. Do you plan to host more in-person events this year? Traditional media like flyers, posters, rack cards and outdoor signage can increase attendance. Are you going after the DUALS and LIS markets? In our experience, a more boots-on-the-ground approach is required as you look to grow relationships with social workers, food banks and other local resources. From Business Reply Cards that offer a guaranteed response range to purchasing or generating online leads, there are literally dozens of different ways to market your business; the key is to match your target audience(s) with a marketing message & method that reflects your personal approach and supports your objectives.

Consider Timing of Projects. As you prepare to reach record goals this year, keep in mind that the best laid marketing plans can be foiled by production delays. A recent memo released by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is blurring the lines between what is considered “communications” and what is considered “marketing” – signaling potentially long waits for approval of advertisements. We recommend checking with your FMO/NMO at least two months prior to distributing any marketing materials that have not already been identified and approved for use by CMS and/or the carriers you represent, as the approval process can take several weeks due to all the steps involved. Also consider the fact that there’s usually a lot of back-and-forth with graphic designers, website developers and other creatives; additionally, supply chain shortages and other ongoing pandemic factors can cause delays with printers, swag producers and other vendors. In short, agents heading into the new year can benefit from planning their marketing communications many weeks or months in advance.

While this article is a broad overview of how to establish marketing objectives for the new year, agents who incorporate the measures discussed can reap the rewards of having a marketing structure in place: a better sense of the marketing budget required; prepared discussions with carrier representatives; a schedule that helps provide direction during different enrollment periods; and a confident, proactive approach to marketing as opposed to reacting to competitor or market whims.

As a National Marketing Organization that works with thousands of independent agents, we understand you must and generate leads in order to grow your business. That’s why we work diligently to provide the resources necessary for successful marketing. If this information is valuable and you want to know more about the services we provide our Medicare agent partners, please contact us at or 888-745-2320.

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