Boost Productivity and Profits with Time Management Tips

Independent insurance agents who know how to effectively manage their time and prioritize projects experience less stress and are better able to service client needs. Perhaps most importantly (depending on your perspective), agents who employ effective time management make more money because their daily/weekly/monthly efforts are streamlined to produce revenue. With those benefits in mind, today’s article briefly covers a number of proven tips so you can quickly see if there are any you can use to help improve your routine.

Roadmap Your Day/Week/Month. A roadmap is different than a calendar because it lets you prioritize projects rather than just designating a specific block of time for something. Ask yourself what your goals are for the time period at hand and frontload important tasks, events, meetings, etc.

Sync the Same Calendar to All Devices. Keeping your appointments synced to a single calendar, rather than trying to manage multiple apps, helps make sure important meetings don’t fall through the cracks.

Set Aside Time for Prospecting and Administrative Tasks. Agents not in the habit of regularly prospecting can benefit from scheduling dedicated time to do so. Similarly, while certain functions like paperwork or follow-up calls aren’t as exciting as other duties, they are necessary. Carving out a spot within your busy schedule helps ensure these tasks are tended to in a timely manner.

Automate What You Can When You Can. One example of time-saving automation is email marketing. Staying in front of current clients is critical to retention and automating holiday messaging, appointment reminders, quarterly communications and prompts for plan reviews can open up more time for generating new business.

Enroll Prospects Remotely. In today’s digital era where remote sales have been accelerated by recent events, agents need to be equipped with an online sales platform that allows them to conduct business online and/or by telephone. Sure, it’s a less personal approach, yet many prospects prefer this method and it saves agents a lot of time commuting.

Make Your Appointment Calendar Available Online. Online scheduling services like those provided by allow agents to open their schedules to prospects & clients without all the back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

Delegate Menial Tasks. Did you know that response rates for handwritten letters are typically 10x greater than those for printed materials? But who has the time to write a bunch of letters by hand? High school students, college interns, temporary hires and many more are happy to help. Agents must calculate the ROI on such endeavors, but it often pays dividends to outsource tasks others can do for a fraction of the cost of your time.

Schedule In-Person Appointments Geographically. Lump your appointments together based on location to avoid multiple, same-day trips across town to save time and money when commuting.

Do Research Prior to an Appointment. Looking up plan details, prescriptions and various considerations that factor into finding the right Medicare plan for a prospect before the meeting can be a huge time-saver… and makes you look like you’re on top of your game!

Finding new ways to be even more productive is worth a lot to independent agents. Finding new ways to be more profitable is probably worth even more. That said, developing a system or routine that allows you to stress less and enjoy your role more is worth its weight in gold.

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