Staying in Front of Clients Who Continue to Social Distance

Heading into the busy Medicare selling season with the Coronavirus continuing to rear its ugly head, you’re bound to encounter clients still wanting to do business at a distance. Staying connected with these hard-earned customers is key to keeping them. Using insights gained from working with thousands of agents doing business in a socially distanced climate, we offer suggestions that can help you make the most of your existing client relations.

Quickness & Consistency. Success this selling season in terms of both retention and prospecting will likely hinge on the ability to respond to phone calls, texts, emails and instant messages on social media quickly. Responding promptly creates the perception that you’re easily accessible—a trait that’s always been important to the senior market and is particularly valuable in today’s fluctuating business environment. What if you’re in a meeting? Consider setting up voicemails and automatic email responses that communicate you’ll be back in touch shortly.

Flexibility. Being flexible with your schedule and allowing customers to book times that are convenient for them communicates that you put client needs above your own. And flexibility with the ways customers can reach you (phone, text, email, snail mail, social media) conveys that you’re technologically savvy which, in turn, suggests that you’re attentive to all the different ways you can help clients save money while finding the right plan.

Quality. Meeting with clients & prospects online or over the phone can save travel time, which allows dedicated agents to spend more quality time with their customers. Doing so builds trust & rapport and comes with the additional benefit of discovering new ways to service the client. Sending quality marketing materials like birthday cards and newsletters can positively impact retention too—so consider investing in a more luxurious cardstock on that next postcard!

Education & Advocacy. Continuing to educate clients on plan options, local market updates, changes to Medicare, etc. provides the dual benefit of creating more touchpoints with customers throughout the year and establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Clients are more apt to continue relations and refer business to agents who demonstrate they’re on top of the most recent information and trends. It’s a natural progression: agents who stay up-to-date with industry and plan analysis are more capable of providing expert guidance to clients who, in turn, give and do more business with the agent.

Building a book of business that’s large enough to sustain or even perpetuate itself is a lofty goal yet certainly achievable. We work with many agents who have done so! Being quick to respond, consistent in communications, flexible with scheduling, attentive to clients’ needs & time, and staying committed to being your clients’ lifelong advocate all go a long way toward achieving your insurance sales goals—despite the challenges of a socially distanced business environment.

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