Versatility is King: How a Hybrid Approach to Technology Can Produce Results for Agents

There are a lot of technologies available that make it easier for independent agents to sell Medicare insurance; allowing the prospect to choose which is used and when can be a big key to success.

In addition to traditional paper forms, agents today have a lot of options when it comes to signing new prospects up for a Medicare insurance plan. Online enrollment tools and the ability to capture signatures via phone, email or even text message make enrolling new clients easier and faster than ever. Additionally, the stay-at-home environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic is normalizing new ways of doing business, including online meetings through platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, Apple Facetime, GoTo Meeting and many more. The question for many independent agents then becomes “which tools/technology/platforms do I decide to learn and implement, and when do I use each while servicing a new prospect?” The short answer is: familiarize yourself with as many tools possible and listen carefully to your prospects so they can make that decision based on what they are comfortable using.

To put this advice in context, let’s say for example that you make inroads with a senior living community. Because community leaders understand many of their members have to spend a lot more time in their homes and likely need help making Medicare insurance decisions, they allow you to promote an online educational Zoom event via a flyer distributed to residents alongside the community’s monthly newsletter. You conduct the meeting and receive six responses: two phone calls, two voicemails, one email and one text message. Despite each individual’s ability to attend the initial meeting online, their responses don’t necessarily mean that a Zoom meeting is the preferred method of carrying the conversation forward. Respond to each person in kind – calling those who called, emailing those who emailed, and texting those who sent a text message. Then ask each prospect how they want to move forward with the next step, be that meeting safely in-person, talking over the phone, conducting an individual online meeting, or continuing the dialogue by text or email. Doing so communicates that you’re versatile and willing to adapt to each customer’s preferences; it’s a critical first que that you prioritize your clients’ needs over your own wants.

It may be tempting to nudge prospects in the direction of meeting with you or enrolling in a plan using the methods that save you time and therefore money. Giving into this temptation, however, eliminates an important psychological trigger. People are often either confused or overwhelmed by their Medicare insurance plan options, which lends itself to a feeling that they’re not quite in control of navigating the customer journey. Giving these prospects multiple options for how they meet with you and enroll in their plan provides an immediate shift back to their sense of autonomy over the process and is a powerful method for hooking the prospect from the start. Technology is a fantastic tool that can make our lives easier by eliminating redundant tasks, simplifying processes and saving time. However, it’s up to us to decide how and when to use it, never forgoing the heavy lifting of relationship-building which is at the core of the services we provide as independent insurance agents.

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