Last-Minute Marketing Ideas for AEP

Maybe it’s your first year selling Medicare. Or perhaps the rollercoaster that is 2020 is forcing a late start to your marketing efforts this selling season. No matter the reason, you need some marketing ideas you can use NOW that can produce leads this Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Don’t worry, we have your back with some proven marketing methods you can start using today to drive sales in the coming weeks.

Business Reply Cards (BRCs). In general, direct mail has proven successful for agents year in and year out. We say “in general” because there are some areas of the country that get overly-saturated this time of year; so, talk with your FMO, upline, and/or carrier reps and try to gauge direct mail’s historical performance in your area prior to conducting a mail campaign. In our experience, large postcards with ample customization options are best for brand-building within a community whereas Business Reply Cards perform better in regards to generating the highest number of immediate leads. With that in mind, we recommend a BRC if you’re looking for a mailer designed to produce the most leads possible. And while some areas are getting inundated with direct mail right now, others are showing higher-than-usual response rates as people spend so much time at home. Which leads us to…

Digital Marketing. 2020 is the year of digital communication for obvious reasons. Your prospects need help making Medicare insurance decisions now more than ever, however many don’t want to leave home to receive it. That’s where digital communication tools like Zoom and marketing platforms like Facebook come into play. If you’re behind the curve on web conferencing and only have time to learn one program, Zoom could be a good choice due to its popularity and the fact that it jumped from an overall rating of 69% to 82% in 2020 for ease of use. Rest assured that agent success this AEP will likely depend heavily on the ability to assist prospects remotely and video conferencing is perhaps the best way to do so.

When it comes to outreach on social media, Facebook is the preferred platform because approximately half the senior market uses it and the majority of those who do use Facebook daily. Setting up a Facebook business page is a relatively brief and straightforward process, giving you the immediate ability to invite friends and family members from your personal page to follow your business on the network. Additionally, advertising on Facebook can be extremely effective in terms of both time and monetary investment. Ad campaigns can be run for a minimum of $5 per day and the platform’s targeting capabilities are impressive, going beyond typical demographics to include target market interests and behavioristics. In short, Facebook will only deliver your ad to the eyeballs you want it in front of, helping to get the most from every advertising dollar.

Another tip independent agents can use to enhance their digital presence is making sure their business is listed on Google Maps. Carving out your space on Google Maps can help local prospects find you online and can be a great resource for generating positive reviews.

Networking. Word-of-mouth is the oldest form of marketing so don’t hesitate to ask who you know who they know! One of the great advantages to selling Medicare insurance is that there are A LOT of people who need it. Family, friends, clubs, organizations, schools, colleagues, senior communities, churches, and your current book of business are all bound to produce people who want and need your services!

Fortunately, there are still a lot of ways to reach the senior market this AEP and agents will have to choose the marketing methods that best fit their skill set, timetable and budget. If you need advice on these or any other marketing ideas, give us a call at 888-745-2320 or email us at We’re always happy to help!

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