Effective Marketing Methods During Social Distancing

The current climate of social distancing, despite its challenges, is presenting unique marketing opportunities as people stay indoors and pay more attention to the communications they receive. We know you visit us as a resource for marketing Medicare insurance and we feel fortunate to continue being that resource in an industry that grows daily. Through independent research and by working with thousands of agents, we have identified some key marketing methods that are performing well right now and are excited to share them with you! 

Social Media. Facebook should be getting the lion’s share of your social media marketing efforts. It’s the platform with the largest Medicare-eligible audience (62%) and seniors are still the fastest growing demographic on the site. Facebook is experiencing 27% more traffic as people spend more time online and many agents are seeing great results from their posts and ads. With all that said, if you have a significant following on Twitter or Instagram, now is a good time to put extra effort into those platforms as well. 

Direct Mail. Typical direct mail response rates range from 1% to 2%. Right now, we’re seeing those response rates double in some markets. When you do the math on, say, a thousand mailers and calculate your closing rate against your usual commission, it’s no wonder direct mail still proves lucrative for marketing Medicare insurance services. 

Blogs. As we all experience social distancing fatigue, people are turning to blogs to escape the news of the day. Some blog sites are reporting increases in readership as high as 46%. Authoring an engaging blog is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and stay in front of clients and prospects. If you’re not currently producing a blog, now could be the ideal time to start. 

Retention Marketing. With clients spending so much time at home, a warm letter or nice card is welcomed and appreciated. Customer loyalty is essential to maintaining your renewal-based income. It’s definitely a good time to remind your book of business that you are their preferred broker for Medicare insurance. 

Email. People are more receptive to email communication during these times. Open rates are up 21% on average over the same time last year. Emails are also being opened faster as evidenced by a 28.6% increase in emails opened within the first hour of being received. Make connections with fellow professionals, follow up with prospects, communicate with current clients, and send invites to your virtual educational seminars knowing your recipients are paying more attention now than ever! 

Messaging Tips. It’s an understatement to say this is a difficult time for many people throughout the nation. Marketing messages need to be crafted with empathy and sincerity. While humor works well on social media, it should be approached with caution and kept light-hearted when used. Taking the approach of a helpful, friendly, knowledgeable neighbor is usually a good place to start. Put yourself in your client’s, prospect’s or network’s shoes and speak directly to their needs and wants. Your services are extremely valuable in a growing industry; as you promote your services with your marketing, just make sure to include the human element in each communication. 

We understand you need to generate leads in order to grow your business. As a top-producing NMO/FMO, we provide guidance and resources to each of our agents in all these areas and many more. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or new to Medicare insurance sales, we’d enjoy the opportunity to help you take your business to the next level through successful marketing and hands-on support. Contact us today at 888-745-2320 or marketing@berwickinsurance.com. We’re here for you! 

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