Save Time and Make More Money Using the Cloud

Increasing sales and becoming more efficient are top priorities for business owners. Cloud computing? Probably not so high on the priority list. You may be surprised, then, to learn that cloud computing can save you a ton of time and money! So, let’s quickly address what the cloud is and move right into how it can save you time, improve operations and make your insurance business more profitable.

Simply put, “the cloud” refers to the collective software that exists and runs on the internet rather than locally on your own computer. Knowing the technical ins and outs of servers, databases, flux capacitors, etc. isn’t really necessary to understanding the benefits of making cloud computing part of your daily operations.

Increase Security. Maintaining important information on the cloud is one of the most secure ways to store and access it. Theft, hardware failure and fire damage are just a few possible ways you could completely lose your vital data and storing it on the cloud ensures you have a secure backup. The cloud also helps make sure you’re running the latest software, including antivirus applications.

Enhance Customer Service. Using cloud-based systems can make you more agile and responsive to customer needs. Gone are the days you have to tell a client or prospect “I’ll forward that document to you as soon as I’m back in town and return to the office.” Send that document right away by accessing the cloud using any number of connected devices!

Continue Business Operations. Being able to access your information and software systems remotely gives you greater flexibility in dealing with unexpected interruptions. The next power outage or lost internet connection doesn’t have to cripple your ability to conduct business. Simply access your cloud-based programs using the cellular data plan on your mobile device. While this probably isn’t the ideal way to continue operations, at least you’re not out for the count the next time a storm hits or a power pole goes down.

Save Time & Money. There are a number of ways the cloud can make your business more efficient. First, the cloud is scalable. This means you can “lease” more space as your business grows rather than having to invest in new devices like hard drives when your need for more memory increases. Investing in cloud-based storage reduces larger incremental expenses as well as your dependence on multiple devices having to work together at the same time.

Cloud computing also allows you to grow your business quickly if need be. Whether you’re adding one new team member or four, simply grant them access to your cloud systems rather than dealing with the mess and expense of getting everyone up and running using dedicated networking hardware.

Next, the cloud can reduce or even eliminate the need for expensive IT personnel. This is ideal for solo independent agents and small agencies. Cloud-based programs have increasingly become more self-managing due to auto-updates that correct issues identified through collective user feedback. This gives you more time to do what you do best – service clients and sell insurance.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to be a tech expert to utilize or even understand the cloud completely. It’s more a matter of researching and using the software that works for you and your business. And while doing so requires some initial time and investment, you’ll likely find it worthwhile as you save time, money and increase workflow efficiencies moving forward.

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