A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Insurance Remotely

We’re hearing a lot of agents ask how they can continue growing their business in this time of social distancing. The new environment is understandably challenging our usual routines. The good news is that there are some excellent opportunities to increase sales because Medicare insurance is still in high demand. At a glance, the idea of selling remotely might suggest having to use an impersonal approach. Rest assured this isn’t the case. There are several methods and technologies that make it possible to work from home while continuing to provide a high level of personal service. Here are some tips to get you started.

Use the “original” app. Before discussing purely digital methods, we need to point out that picking up the phone is still key to earning commissions. Prospects are going to have questions and connecting over the phone will likely be their preferred way to get answers. Retention should also be a focus because it’s critical to maintaining a renewal-based income. Right now is a great time to check in with clients to see if they have any questions and ask if they’re happy & healthy – they’ll appreciate you going the extra mile.

Initiate virtual meetings. While there are ways to compliantly sell insurance over the phone, being able to see who you’re talking to creates a more personal experience. Agents who embrace video conferencing will have an advantage as the technology becomes more mainstream. Microsoft Teams lets you video chat one-on-one or with multiple people and isn’t platform-specific, meaning it works with both Apple and Windows computers. Other video conference programs that are free to try include:



Google Hangouts Meet

Cisco Webex Meetings

RingCentral Meetings


When you’re up and running with one of these programs, you can test the waters by inviting friends and family to attend a “virtual happy hour.” Let everyone know you want to stay connected by “virtually” sharing some drinks, recipes, etc. This is sure to be a fun event for everyone and provides you the added benefit of learning the ins and outs of video conferencing!

Host a webinar. Once you’re familiar with using video to communicate remotely, the next step of conducting webinars will come more naturally. Just be aware that compliance is likely to play a critical role depending on the type of insurance you’re selling. In the Medicare insurance space, for example, online educational events are acceptable with some carriers and not with others. So, work closely with your NMO/FMO partner to ensure your webinars meet current compliance guidelines.

Utilize online enrollment systems. Online enrollment tools are necessary for remotely signing prospects up with the right plan. Most carriers have their own online enrollment system. Starting here is probably your best bet because these carriers have invested a lot of resources into ensuring their system is as robust and user-friendly as possible. Third-party online enrollment systems are an option as well, but many of them are hit and miss.

Set up a digital dashboard. Digital dashboards are better than Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems because they let you track and manage your leads, visualize your appointment calendar, look up important contact information, schedule follow-ups, and so much more. Okay, digital dashboards and CRMs are the same thing, but “digital dashboard” has a better ring to it, don’t you think? A CRM can make you more money because the software helps ensure leads don’t fall through the cracks. And taking some time initially to set up a digital dashboard saves you a ton of time moving forward because you’ll work more efficiently and productively. Most NMOs provide their agents with a CRM at no cost.

At the end of the day, selling insurance remotely shares the same process as selling in person. You must be able to contact and meet with prospects, educate them, enroll them in the right plan, and effectively manage information and communications once they become a client. You just have to use the available resources that let you continue doing what you do best: make a great living helping others find peace of mind. In today’s climate, that service is needed more than ever.

Be sure to read the next article in this series as we discuss methods for virtual networking.

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