Technology Gives Independent Agents an Advantage

Insurance industry experts often say technology can make your job easier. While this is certainly true, technology can also make you more money. It’s really all about giving you, your prospects and your clients more options.

More Options = More Opportunities. More Opportunities = More Sales. It’s really that simple.

Communication. Each client has different needs and wants, including the communication methods they prefer. While agents often tell us that their clients enjoy the one-on-one interaction of meeting in person, more and more people just want information as quickly as possible and prefer to do business over the phone or online. When you exclude these people from your list of prospects, you’re cutting your potential share of the market nearly in half – and no one wants that! Technology that quickly and easily allows you to communicate and do business by phone and online gives you and your clients more options and can improve communication.

Connections. Giving prospects the ability to reach you via text message, email or online messaging increases the number of ways they can make initial contact. In addition to giving customers more ways to connect with you, technology in the form of software programs gives you more ways to connect with important data. Time-saving programs like a customer relationship management (CRM) system or online quoting tool make you more efficient. You are nimbler and more responsive when you have immediate access to client information, price comparisons, policy options, scheduling functions, prospect management, and much more.

Convenience. An online multi-carrier enrollment system can save you time and help ensure you’re submitting applications with fewer (or no) mistakes. It also makes you and your clients’ lives easier considering neither of you have to drive across town, deal with traffic jams or pay for parking. The option to do business with you without having to meet in person accommodates their schedule while reducing the time you spend per appointment. Your clients are still getting the unique one-on-one connection you provide because you’re going to add your own personality and level of expertise to each interaction. Only now they’re receiving your services in a manner that’s more convenient for all involved.

In short, technology can save you time, reduce stress, give your clients more options, give you more options, open new opportunities and ultimately make you more money.

Unsure if your Medicare-eligible clients fit the mold? Consider these Baby Boomer stats:

  • 96% use the internet
  • 95% use email
  • 94% own cellphones
  • 92% shop for products & services online
  • 82% belong to at least one social networking site

None of the technology discussed here is particularly difficult to get or use. The real key to making it work is incorporating it into your daily sales routine. Establish your online profile, make sure your email is set up correctly, learn to use tools like an online enrollment system. Capitalizing on the technology that’s at your disposal and making it a part of your process allows you to adapt to client needs and gives everyone more options… which can lead to more sales.

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