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The Berwick Insurance Story…
The American Dream is alive and well within the walls of Berwick Insurance Group. A first-generation company founded by brothers, Jim and David Berwick. People often ask if “their grandfather started Berwick Insurance Group.” Although that is not the case, the brothers view the question as a compliment and testament to their success. Ultimately, Berwick Insurance Group has achieved so much because they do things differently!

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With no previous experience…

In 1991, with no previous insurance experience, Jim and David started their careers selling Life and Annuities products. Within a few short years, both brothers had achieved national recognition as top producers in the country. ›

In true entrepreneurial fashion, Jim believed they would benefit by becoming independent agents selling life and health insurance. With young families depending on the brothers’ incomes, they ventured out on their own forming Berwick Insurance Group, in 1997.

Expanding into Individual Health Insurance sales and Group Employee Benefits, the Berwicks strived to build their business. Working late nights and thinking outside of the box, Berwick Insurance soon made a name for itself in the Tucson community.

Capitalizing on Opportunity…

Always looking for the next opportunity, in 2004, Berwick Insurance received an invitation to contract as a Field Marketing Office (FMO) with one of the nation’s premiere carriers.

Being new to the Medicare business, Berwick faced fierce competition! Not wanting to follow the pack, Berwick partnered with agents who did not want to sell Medicare. In a short period of time, the Berwick team had secured nearly 700 Referring Agents and their Medicare division was a success!

Rising to the Occasion…

In 2009, the laws changed and so did the Medicare industry. To maintain their FMO contract, Berwick Insurance was challenged to reorganize and expand nationally. They licensed in all 50 states and hired Recruiters to contract agents wanting to build their Medicare business.

In the first year as a National Marketing Organization, Berwick had less than 100 agents, while other FMOs had thousands! Berwick did things differently - when the competition was focused on quantity, Berwick focused on quality and providing agents individual support. Berwick’s enthusiasm, efforts and originality made a difference, and their agents were successful! Over the course of the next few years, Berwick grew rapidly and quickly went from being a local health insurance agency to a top-producing, nationally recognized organization representing numerous carriers.

Leading the way…

Today, our Group/Individual/Medicare and National Marketing Divisions continue to grow and lead the way with innovative programs, money-saving options and advanced support for over 100,000 clients, hundreds of businesses and thousands of agents across the United States. In 2018, to advance to the next level, the Berwicks invested in developing a technology division dedicated to creating tools to make our agents’ lives easier. Moving forward, Berwick will continue to be focused on technology and committed to developing the resources necessary to do business today and in the future.

Integrity, Innovation & Transparency…

Berwick Insurance is committed to developing true partnerships with agents and agencies who share our passion for helping others and who value the dedication it takes to succeed.

• Our definition of integrity is to always do what we say we are going to do.
• Our culture is to enjoy what we do and who we do it with.
• Our innovative thinking ensures you stay ahead of the competition.
• Our transparency is the foundation of every partnership.

We believe you deserve complete transparency from your NMO/FMO. How and when you get paid and how you’re contracted should be clearly outlined. At Berwick, we believe agents deserve 100% of their commissions and are entitled to maintaining independent status, meaning that you can hold as many contracts as you want with us while having the option to carry/sell other products through the carriers that make the most sense for you and your clients. Additionally, we believe in open and honest communication because, as agents ourselves, we respect and appreciate our partners.

When you work with Berwick Insurance, you have a dedicated partner committed to helping you grow your business, your way. You receive top commissions, unlimited access to leading technology, expert training and unparalleled support.

When you work with Berwick Insurance, you have a dedicated partner committed to helping you grow your business, your way. You receive top commissions, unlimited access to leading technology, expert training and unparalleled support.