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Please allow us to introduce ourselves...
At Berwick Insurance, we believe being the best at what you do takes partnership and passion, and it should be fun, too! It is this philosophy along with our ambition and reputation for excellence that has propelled us to be one of the nation’s top producing NMOs.

Our partners are our priority; and each agent/agency receives individual service and support, comprehensive and continuous training, access to innovative technology, and an impressive portfolio of products.

Thank you for learning a little more about us - we look forward to getting to know you!

Leadership Team

James Berwick

James Berwick - Principal

David Berwick

David Berwick - Principal

Colleen Gimbel

Colleen Gimbel - Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Bob Cummins

Bob Cummins - Vice President of Sales & Recruitment

Randy Pearsall

Randy Pearsall - Director of Marketing

David Parker

David Parker - Chief Technology Officer

Agent Support: Compliance & Sales

Here to serve & happy to help, these energetic Einsteins will answer your questions, keep you compliant and assist with anything and everything you need to make the sale.
Common Characteristics: Positive, Personable, Precise and Prompt.

Ann McGlamery

Ann McGlamery - Director of Compliance

Erin Martin

Erin Martin - Director of Agent Support

Vanessa Parker

Vanessa Parker - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment

Carrie Barker-Settles

Carrie Barker-Settles - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment - Midwest

Judy Daniels

Judy Daniels - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment

Cesar Castilleja

Cesar Castilleja - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment

Alex Rubio

Alex Rubio - Agent Development & Support Specialist

Reyes Rivera

Reyes Rivera - Agent Support Specialist

Ryan Pearsall

Ryan Pearsall - Agent Support Specialist

Vanessa Powell

Vanessa Powell - Agent Support Specialist

Contracting Team

Our commendable Contracting Team will get you up and running, quickly and correctly. Whether you need help understanding the nuances of carrier requirements or just have general questions, this group of gurus always delivers. Common Characteristics: Attentive, Amiable, Approachable and Accurate.

Taylor Oden

Taylor Oden - Director of Contracting

Blaire Marcello

Blaire Marcello - Contracting & Agent Services

Brittany Kincel

Brittany Kincel - Contracting & Agent Services

Emilie Wessman

Emilie Wessman - Contracting & Agent Services

Myra Garcia

Myra Garcia - Contracting & Agent Services

Kaitlin Green

Kaitlin Green - Contracting & Agent Services

Johana Calderon

Johana Calderon - Contracting & Agent Services

Marketing Department

With over 85 years of combined experience, Berwick’s marketing maestros persist at finding the best way to promote your business and generate leads. One-on-one brand building, strategy coaching, unique marketing ideas and hundreds of customizable templates are available to you at no cost. Common Characteristics: Creative, Consultative, Clever and Quirky.

Joel Cowdry

Joel Cowdry - Marketing Specialist

Steve Reimer

Steve Reimer - Graphic Designer

Kirk Van Gilder

Kirk Van Gilder - Graphic Designer

Paige Froebe

Paige Froebe - Marketing Assistant


Our techie ninja-neers work tirelessly to provide proprietary programs and platforms so you stay ahead of the pack and take your business to the next level. Their innovative business solutions help you manage leads, sales, downline agents and much more. Common Characteristics: Inspired, Ingenious, Industrious and Inexhaustible.

James Taylor

James Taylor - Product Manager

Daniel Saxton

Daniel Saxton - Business Analyst

Kevin Stultz

Kevin Stultz - Senior Database Analyst

Eli London

Eli London - Application Developer


Our organization would not be complete without this team of mind-bending multi-taskers. Common Characteristics: Helpful, Hard-Working, Humorous and Heaven-Sent.

Ana Quinonez

Ana Quinonez - Director of Administrative Services

Ana Stilb

Ana Stilb - Controller

Liliana Pulido

Liliana Pulido - Controller2

Greyed out Berwick Logo

When you work with Berwick Insurance, you have a dedicated partner committed to helping you grow your business, your way. You receive top commissions, unlimited access to leading technology, expert training and unparalleled support.