Written Testimonials

“You all are doing something special, and I don’t know what it is that you have done as a group to have such a force of absolutely the most friendly and hardworking staff members…There is no company that I have experienced in 27 yrs. that can even hold a candle to the experience I have had with Berwick Insurance…….. ”

– Rick W. | Nevada

“Once again you are the best!

No offense to everyone else in the insurance field but you make everything so easy to understand for a new agent and always take the time to help out.

For that, I thank you so much!”

– -Roger K. | New York

“I so appreciate the relationship I have with Berwick. If I have compliance concerns, I have full confidence that the information and guidance I receive from them is accurate. E-mails and phone calls are promptly and professionally responded to. Contracting is seamless. I believe that Berwick goes over and above reasonable expectations of an FMO. Thanks for all of your help!!!!!!

– Terri S. | Colorado

“Contracting with the Berwick Group was super easy! They helped me every step of the way, any questions were promptly answered or I was referred to a real person that could help. That’s almost unheard of anymore. I like to know that if I have a problem, someone (a real person) is interested enough to follow-up with me to see that it is solved. Thank you,

– Lisa R. | Utah

“There are so many helpful people at your company, I don’t know who to go for when I have my silly questions! Hahaha. Thank you!!!!”

– Holly B. | Agent California

“After much research and disappointment trying to find an FMO with integrity, I discovered Berwick Insurance Group. Upon talking to Bob, I discovered Berwick had exactly the morals and support I was seeking. Unlike all other FMO’s I investigated, there were no false promises, contracts to “buy” leads, and their main objective is to “help” my agency succeed. Bob being the main support for my area, is always willing to give suggestions on how to grow, answer questions, and look out for you as if you are truly an integral part of their company. Choosing Berwick was a very smart idea and one that has proven so time and time again! Thank you Bob & Berwick!

– Christina F | MGA New York

“The support I have received from Berwick is superb. They are quick with answers and if they don’t know, get back to you soonest. Appreciate their efforts.

– Roland H. | Agent Colorado

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for jumping in at the last minute yesterday and helping with the compliance and creation of a great flyer. That’s what I call support :)!!! Impressive to say the least.”

– Hilarie K | Agent Colorado

“I have been more than happy with my choice of Berwick Insurance as my FMO. In searching for a new FMO to better support my growth, I encountered many FMOs who made lots of promises including “Free leads”. I learned that those promises were empty and I needed to find a new partner. The Berwick team has been outstanding in supporting my growth efforts. From one-on-one advice, to online tools, to recruiting, to back office support. Berwick Insurance has been great, great, great!”

– Richard C | MGA California

“I started working with Berwick as a brand new agent less than 2 years ago. I had no background in insurance or Medicare, but the people at Berwick were very helpful in teaching me what I needed to do and how to do it. I applied the skills that I have learned from them and have a couple of hundred applications under my belt! Thank you for all you do for us!! Great people and a great company!

– Robert C | Agent Ca. and Az.

“Working with Blaire and Kari on your team was a WOW experience. They were knowledgeable, thorough and extremely pleasant to deal with. We had a bit of a sticky situation to work through with contracting and they kept me in the loop, assuring me that they were making every effort to resolve the matter. They are GREAT representatives of your company. Thanks!

– Mark A. | Agent Utah

“I am happy to say that the Berwick Group LLC really ‘gets it’ when it comes to professionalism, service, and inspiring an attitude of success. It is refreshing to be able to ask for assistance and get it in a timely manner. Everyone is on the same page.”

– Mike A. | Agent Arizona

“I have talked to a few different people at Berwick over the last couple of months, during my search for a FMO. Everyone I have talked with has been very pleasant and helpful. I am looking forward to working with everyone at Berwick.”

– Lew B. | Agent Colorado

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