Sell Medicare in Chicago

In the Chicago area, there are over 1.3 million Medicare beneficiaries!
This fact presents an unprecedented opportunity for new business. If you aren’t in the Medicare business or selling UnitedHealthcare plans, you are likely losing money! In a tough economy, can you afford to pass up an option to increase your bottom line?

Sell UnitedHealthcare plans with Berwick Insurance Group!

Need more facts? Check this out:

  • An 11% Medicare Advantage penetration means A LOT OF OPPORTUNITY
  • $0 Premium plans include prescription drug benefits, large provider networks & no referrals are required to see specialists
  • Point of Service plan means members can go out of network for care
  • UHC House-calls Program; nurse practitioners visit members in their home
  • Members can purchase a hearing aid for as little as $340
  • AARP Supplements have stable premiums with low rate increases (7-8%)

Berwick Insurance Group is a national independent marketing organization specializing in Medicare senior products. As one of the top producing partners for UnitedHealthcare, we are looking to partner with dynamic, motivated agents or agencies in Chicago that want to take their business to the next level.

Berwick Insurance Partners receive:

  • Personalized assistance with Marketing, Sales & Training
  • A Compliance Specialist to answer your questions
  • Sales Specialists to ensure you know how to sell Medicare products
  • Individual attention to help you reach your sales goals

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