2013 Certification

Win $1000 By Certifying Now!
2013 UHC Certification Guide
Saving Training Modules

Well, it’s that time of year again! The 2013 Certifications for UnitedHealthcare are available. We know it seems crazy to have to certify for 2013 when it’s only half way through 2012, but we’ll give you a few reasons why you want to do it now.

  • UnitedHealthcare has literally invested hundreds of millions of dollars in their 2013 plans and that means their plans should be some of the strongest in the country. The kind of benefits we have not seen since 2005. United has also purchased numerous companies such as Care Improvement Plus and this has expanded the plans available under the UHC umbrella. That means if you get ready now, you potentially could have one of the biggest AEP’s ever and pick up a bunch of new clients, which translates to more money for you!!
  • For the first time ever, United is allowing individual agents to PRE-ORDER supplies for AEP. From July 30 – Aug. 15 you can preorder your enrollment kits, but you can’t pre-order until you have certified.
  • And if those weren’t good enough reasons to set aside a couple of hours and certify for 2013, we at Berwick Insurance have an incentive program. If you certify before Sept. 3rd, we will send you a $10 Starbucks card AND enter your name to win $1000 cash. See you could be making more money before AEP even starts.
  • Last but not least, It’s a proven fact that agents who certify early sell more during AEP. You want to make more money this year than last year, right? Ok, then let’s get on it.

UHC has focus markets all of the country – who knows you might be sitting in the middle of a potential gold mine. Give us a call and we will walk you through the process to re-certify; we’ll give you the preliminary United plan information for your area and we’ll make sure you get information on training in your area.